Friday, 13 January 2012

Today's Nails - Barry M Red Glitter Nail Varnish

I popped into Boots today before work to grab a few essentials but was drawn to the make up area as usual. Noticed this gorgeous glitter red nail varnish by Barry M and I couldn’t resist. I wish I had bought it before Christmas because it would have been perfect for the festive period but I think it looks great for every day of the year!

Barry M Red Glitter - £2.99, Boots

I really like the Barry M nail varnishes and think they are well worth their £2.99 price tag. This red glitter one certainly didn’t let me down. It is very red and very glittery, which I love. I applied two coats of this polish to really allow the vibrant colour to come through. I seriously can’t stop staring at my nails now!

It seemed to dry really quickly which is perfect for me as I always seem to smudge my nails before they are fully dry. I applied the Barry M top coat too, which I fully recommend as my polish stays on for a lot longer when I use this product.

I have loved the glitter nail trend for a while now and I am on the hunt for some more gorgeous colours so if anybody has any recommendations for me then please do share!

xo Hannah xo

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