Monday, 31 October 2011

Recent buys 01

It was nice to have a fairly lazy Sunday yesterday. I didn’t do much apart from find stock for my shop, plan some blog posts, watch The X Factor and eat left over birthday cake but I’ve managed to find some pretty cute jewellery to sell so I suppose it was quite productive.I’m hoping to spend the next few days designing and making some bracelets and necklaces to sell too so hopefully over the next few weeks, I will be ready to set up shop!

I thought today that I would share with you some of my recent purchases. I personally love reading what other people have bought as I like to live vicariously through others and find that these posts often give me inspiration (and a desire to go shopping immediately!). I might do a weekly or fortnightly post of things that I have bought as I do usually buy something each week so will always have something to share!

I saw these loafers a few weeks ago in New Look in York but they only had them in a 5 and so they were slightly tight so decided not to get them and look around for them elsewhere. But could I find them anywhere?! Me and my mum usually go shopping somewhere different each week so I was always looking but eventually I found them in my size and so quickly snapped them up.
I’ve wanted some loafers for a while now but didn’t want to spend loads on them in case I quickly went off them or decided they didn’t suit me anymore. These were only £14.99 so a complete bargain!

I am loving the colour RED at the moment. I already have this dress (from Topshop) in orange and claret but when I saw it in this gorgeous ruby red colour I had to have this one as well! I’ve been wearing skater style dresses and skirts a lot recently. I think they are really flattering for my shape and  so easy to dress up or down.

Another big trend I’m loving this season is velvet. I actually bought this dress from Topshop a few weeks ago but thought I’d still share it with you and I’ve seen quite a few bloggers posting about this dress too. Its made from a quality fabric and looks flattering on. The polka dots are subtle too which I like but it shimmers beautifully under the lights. It’s the perfect dress for Christmas and I will team it with ankle boots and black tights for a great Christmas party look!

What have you bought this week?

Thursday, 27 October 2011


Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Hallo, Ciao! So I have finally decided to properly start a blog, after religiously reading some of the fabulous blogs out there at the moment, and feeling very inspired by them. I have thought a lot about what I want to include in this blog and after much planning, I have decided that to start something very fashion and clothes based (which are my greatest passion in life), but also other important areas of my life such travel and interiors.
I’m planning on putting a lot of thought, time and effort into my blog so I hope you enjoy reading it!