Thursday, 19 January 2012

DIY Project: Cute As A Button Tealight Holders

I saw this little crafty idea on the Hobbycraft website and instantly fell in love. I keep coming across the most adorable button crafts lately and I want to do them all. I’m addicted to cute little buttons as they can instantly update any old, plain treasures into lovely new creations with just a little work.

These cute tealight holders are really easy to make but they look great once completed.

You will need:

·        Tealight holder - £1 from Primark
·        Selection of small buttons (I bought mine from Ebay, which cost about £2.99 so over 200 buttons!)
·        Superglue,

1)     Add a small amount of glue to a button and place onto the tealight holder holding in place for a couple of seconds to secure.

2) Repeat this process until all your buttons are in place and your desired pattern is complete.

I have a number of cute, simple crafts coming up in the near future which I hope you will like.

xo Hannah xo

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  1. awww! so so cute! might give this a try! x

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