Saturday, 14 January 2012

DIY Project: Customised Oversized Pearl Embellished T-Shirt

I have wanted to get into sewing and crafts for a while now and now that I have a sewing machine (I got a lovely one for Christmas) I have been doing a lot of practising and getting ideas for future projects.

One of my first projects was this customised oversized pearl embellished t-shirt that I wanted to share with you as it is so easy to do, really cheap to make and looks great.

You will need:
An oversized t-shirt (I bought this one from the men’s section in Primark!)
Fabric scissors
Needle and white cotton thread
Small pearl beads (I got mine from this Ebay seller) It's entirely up to you what size beads you use. I used 4mm ones but they come in a wide range of sizes so it really depends what you prefer.

1. Use a pen to roughly mark on where you want the beads to be sewn. The more random the position of the beads, the better.

2. Using the needle and thread, carefully sew on each pearl bead securely. I used white thread as you cannot see this when the beads are sewn on.

3. When finished sewing the beads on, tie a knot in the thread to secure.

4. You could also add a small stitch to each sleeve to turn them up.

 I also added some extra beads around the collar which is very simple to do. Just sew two beads together in line with each other, followed by another bead directly below. Repeat this along the collar line, leaving a gap in between each collection of beads.

It's not just an old t-shirt that you could update with pearl beads. This simple method could be used on almost any piece of clothing including a cardigan or pair of shorts.

Tip – It is best to hand wash the embellished t-shirt to ensure that the delicate beads do not drop off in the washing machine!

Do you like customising your clothes? What are your favourit projects? 

xo Hannah xo


  1. God this look so cute! Such a good idea, definitely going to try this :)

  2. Love this! Definitely going to give it a try.
    New follower xx


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