Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Todays Nails – Nude polka dots

I’m only just starting to get into the whole nail art thing. I’ve not got a very steady hand so whenever I try a design it usually ends up looking rubbish! But today I thought I’d do something simple and do a fairly subtle polka dot nail design.

Nails - Nails Inc Caramel and white nail art pen
Ring - A Wardrobe Full of Dreams shop (Coming soon)

The base colour is Nails Inc Caramel which I got free a while ago with 2 bottles of diet coke in Boots. I tend to wear nude colours on my nails and this is currently one of my favourites as it goes on really easily and lasts for several days without chipping.

I did the polka dots using the white nail art pen from a set of 24 nail art pens that I bought from this seller on ebay after seeing Lily review them on her blog. It was only really the black, white and brown colours that I was after (to try leopard print nails) and for £10 I think they are definitely worth the price for simple nail art designs especially when the Models Own pens are £6 each.

What's your favourite nail art design?

xo Hannah xo 


  1. Thank you for your comment!
    I will be selling these rings very soon if you want one :)
    Just started to follow your blog. It looks amazing!

    Hannah x

  2. Nice nail art! :) x

  3. Love this look it's really cute :) I'm loving leopard nails at the moment, solely cos it's the only thing I can do!!x

  4. Hanananah - Thank you sweetie :)

    Celia - Thanks chic, I love leopard print nails too, might try them next :)


  5. Love this nail art, so cute! Also i NEED that YSL style ring in my life! Haha :)

    Georgie <3

  6. I love the ring! Goes well with the nails as well :)

  7. Georgie - Aww thank you :) I know, it's almost as good as the real thing! I will be selling them soon for £6 if you would like one x

    Sophie Isobel and Kirstyb - Thank you lovelies x


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