Saturday, 19 November 2011

My Favourite Nail Art Inspirations

I very rarely see my nails nude, always paintinig my nails at least twice a week. However, I always tend to play it safe and go for just one block colour and I have always wanted to be more a bit more creative and experimental. After my nude polka dot nail art which I photographed in this post, I decided to gain some inspiration for my next nail art project.

Here are some of my favourite nail art inspirations.

Probably one of my favourite nail arts! Ever since I saw the lovely Lauren Conrad with leopard print nails probably about a year ago, I have wanted to try them out. They are meant to be quite simple to do, which is perfect for me!

Vintage Florals
Maybe its because I work at Cath Kidston but I love floral prints on just about anything! Floral prints have been everywhere recently from dresses to trousers and now I really want them on my nails too! Vintage floral is probably my favourite nail art and these are some of my favourite floral designs which I think will be tricky to do and certainly a step up from my simple polka dots, but they are so pretty and look fabulous!

Very simple and quick to do with no little fiddly details but still very effective is my kind of nail art!

Spots and Stripes
Again, fairly simple to do but oh so effective with so many variations and colour combinations to be used.

Of course, with the festive season fast approaching, I found some cute Christmas inspired nail arts to share with you and its the perfect excuse to get creative. Absolutely love the glittery green one in particular!


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What are your favourite nail designs?

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  1. ahh they're all so pretty! wish I had the patience to do anything other than standard colour with my nails! x

  2. lovely! i've done the strawberry ones and gonna do a post on them soon, also done the newspaper print ones!
    great post, inspired me on some new ones :)

  3. Arabella - Thank you :) I know, I'm trying to work on my patience!

    Union Apparel - I've just had a look at your newspaper print nails - they look amazing! Well done. Love your blog too :)

    Hannah x

  4. I love this post, nail art is amazing. i think the most ive done is spots on mine and its so difficult to do the right hand. love the leopard print, think you should deff give it ago. lovely blog also x

  5. I've recently bought some fake nails in the hope I will someday create amazing nails :) Don't think they will ever be as good as these ones, but they are such inspiring images :)

  6. How do people DO these designs?! I can barely cope with just a plain colour haha. I really love the pink nails with the one leopard print one. And the third one along in the spots and stripes x

    Natalie | Just a Thought


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