Wednesday, 23 November 2011

New in my shop - Arty Inspired Rings

As promised, my Arty inspired rings are now available in my shop! They come in red, black and turquoise and are selling fast. A big thank you to everyone who have already bought one!

Turqouise, Black and Red Arty Inspired Gold Tone Rings - £6 each

I have always loved the YSL Arty rings, and these make perfect substitutes at just a tiny fraction of the price and make perfect Christmas gifts for your friends and family (or yourself!)

Unfortunately, because they have been so popular, I only have black and red rings available in small (which fits perfectly on my ring finger) and turquoise in large (which fits well on my index finger)

Please feel free to check out my shop here.
I hope you like them!

xo Hannah xo


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