Saturday, 5 November 2011

Autumn Days Are My Favourite Days

Happy Bonfire Night!

I can’t quite believe it’s November already – this year is going scarily fast!

Just got back from my local firework display. I was looking forward to wrapping up warm and going to see some amazing fireworks with my family as it was the first time I’ve actually gone to see some in real life for a few years rather than just stood in my window! I’m now sat curled up in my pyjamas watching the X Factor – perfect!

Now that it is Bonfire night, and we’re in the heart of Autumn, I thought I would dedicated a post to why autumn days are my favourite.
Of course I love summer and the sun and it does tend to make me feel better when the sun is shining, but there are things about autumn in this country which are really special and I love it!

1)     Autumn Colours - oranges, reds and browns

2)    Falling Leaves

3)    Warm boots

4)    Chunky knit scarves

5)    Long walks in a park with the sun shining and the crisp air

6)    Sat by a warm fire

7)    Layering

8)    Cosy knitted socks

9)    Long hot baths

10)  Snuggly warm beds with extra blankets

11)  Afternoons spent in little cafes drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows

12) Cute squirrels

13) Fireworks, bonfires and sparklers

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I could have added so many more pictures. is so addicting and I can spend hours just scrolling through all the beautiful pictures that are on this site.

What reminds you of autumn?

xo Hannah xo

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  1. Ohhh I've got a serious addiction to weheartit at the moment too, perfect Autumn viewing with a nice cup of tea by your side xx


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